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just a casual sunday shoot…

people April 7, 2013

It seems you can never expect at photo shoot to go exactly to plan, and today this definitely was the case. Ginger and Tonic, a fantastic a cappella group from Melbourne (that my fav house mate just happens to be part of), needed to update their photos since recently adding a new member to their group.

After finishing the more serious photos, we decided to do something a bit more playful so the girls hopped up onto the pillars just in front of the Melbourne Museum. After a few snaps the security guard ran over asking them to get down because the bikey gang (more like a group of bike enthusiasts), were coming through. Another photographer ran past and said for them to stay there, so they did!

In all the excitement I didn’t know quite where to stand but didn’t want to miss out on a great shot! I positioned myself in a place that I thought I wouldn’t get run over and still get some photos. And then they came, revving their engines, lining up at the start of the pillars.

And this is what I captured…

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